The Appraisal Lane™ Helps Dealers Make More Retail Deals at the Curb

Get a Cash Offer Good for 7 Days or 300 Miles on Live-Trade Appraisals

We Partner with Your Dealership at the Curb When Valuing Live-Trade Appraisals

Expand your team's expertise with The Appraisal Lane's staff of experts

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Live-Trade Appraisal
Live-Trade Appraisals

As customers arrive with fresh trades, quickly scan the vehicle's VIN and submit to The Appraisal Lane for a cash offer in 15 minutes or less, good for 7 days or 300 miles.

Frontline, Aged
In-Stock Trades, Front-Line, CPO...

We also place cash offers on inventory you already own. Offers arrive in just a few hours and are good for 3 days or 100 miles.

Buy From a Growing Network
Buy from a Growing Network

The Appraisal Lane's Buyers Network gives you access to available inventory ready for purchase, and live-trades being sent in from dealerships nearby.

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How We Can Help Your Dealership

Our technology puts a high level of expertise at your fingertips, allowing your team to focus on what’s most important…touching more customers and selling more cars.

With The Appraisal Lane™ you can grow your core business while eliminating missed deals and wholesale risk.

Whether you use our service as an aid to structure deals or a means to manage your used vehicle inventory, we put a wealth of market knowledge in your hands.

The Appraisal Lane iOS App

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