The New Trade-In Solution

By The Appraisal Lane

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Using TAL Dealers for better used car values
Using TAL Dealers for better used car values

What is TAL Dealers?

TAL Dealers by The Appraisal Lane is a new way of managing your trade-in process. Our mobile app connects your dealership with a live team of expert appraisers, and every appraisal is backed by a guaranteed offer to buy.

A live trade appraisal takes less than 15 minutes, but our offer stands for 7 days.

Real People
Our team of expert appraisers evaluates every vehicle.
Real Money
We back every appraisal with a guaranteed offer to buy.
Real Time
We appraise all live trades within 15 minutes of submission.

Boost Retail Sales with Strong Performance at the Curb

Your business is driven by retail sales, and your trade-­in process should be structured to help you sell more.

An independent third ­party appraisal creates transparency in the sales process, eliminating the pain of negotiations and allowing you to focus on what matters most… ­ your customer.

Remove the Risk

There is always uncertainty around trade-­ins. Every vehicle is as unique as the person driving it, and mistakes in valuation can affect your profitability.

We provide a fair and competitive offer on every vehicle ­ regardless of make, model, or unique history. And you choose whether or not the vehicle stays in your inventory.

Liquidate Aged
Inventory with Ease

Take control of your inventory and focus on what you sell best.

You can use our one-­click disposition process to limit your wholesale exposure on live trades or liquidate aged inventory. Just click the button to accept our offer, and we'll come pick it up.

The TAL Dealers app shows a trade-in value

Ready to Learn More?

Get in touch to find out how TAL Dealers by The Appraisal Lane can help streamline your trade-in process.

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What People Are Saying

The Appraisal Lane has changed the way we evaluate trade-ins! I know all our customers will have a consistent experience - regardless of the value and condition of their trade. No more guessing on off-brand cars - TAL makes a solid offer on every car that comes across the curb. Over the last 3 years in the TAL Community, we have transitioned from losing money in wholesale to making money, while providing a great experience for our customers. Anyone on our staff can use it, regardless of their comfort level with technology and we’re all on the same page on every car we number!
- Adam D. Lee
Chairman, Lee Auto Malls
We committed ourselves to the consistent use of The Appraisal Lane two and a half years ago and the results speak for themselves. The customer is involved in the process of taking pictures, driving and submitting comments. We are always able to put a number on a vehicle regardless of make, model or year. We get more deals, a guaranteed number and no issues with payment or pickup of the vehicles. There is no downside to using this service. The Appraisal Lane is an integral part of our sales process and continued growth.
- Greg Shortridge
General Manager, Duncan Honda and Duncan Hyundai
With The Appraisal Lane, I am directly connected to every trade opportunity in all our locations. Every customer, both internal and external, has the same great experience. TAL gives us the tools we need to accurately measure and report on our trade-ins. And if a car isn’t right for us - we just click a button and they come pick it up.
- Rob Iacono
Vice President, BRAM Auto Group
Finding the right vehicles today can be a challenge. The Appraisal Lane has opened up more sourcing opportunities for me at the curb… any curb. With their technology I am able to more efficiently find and source the exact inventory I need.
- Michael Dankert
Purchasing Manager Schomp Automotive
With The Appraisal Lane in my store, I have visibility into every customer appraisal… in real time. I really like the transparency. Off brand, late model, custom trim, even fleet vehicles and exotics, these guys have offered to buy every vehicle I’ve sent their way. And if a trade-in doesn’t meet our retail parameters, we just click the button and cash the check. Real money, instantly - it’s a no-brainer.
- Bill Gibbs
General Manager, Jim Hudson Lexus of Augusta