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We're real people who appraise cars in real time over the internet.

We help every driver get an objective price when they sell or trade their car. No estimates or ranges, our appraisal can be redeemed for cash at a partner dealership near you. We evaluate every vehicle individually, and we get you an offer in 30 minutes or less.

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Our Story

The Appraisal Lane was founded in 2015 by a group of friends. We all work in the automotive industry, and we noticed that drivers were misinformed and confused by online value estimates from popular internet sites. As we started working toward a solution, one key fact kept coming up again and again:

Every Car is as Unique as the Person Driving It

We realized that what people needed was not an estimate, but a real appraisal and an exact value.

We began assembling a team of experienced appraisers who could handle hundreds of cars every day, and we partnered up with a powerhouse team of developers from Uruguay to make it happen.

Free Online Appraisals, with a Cash Offer

Every month, The Appraisal Lane allows thousands of people to get the exact value of their car without guessing or haggling.

Our team is 100 people strong and growing fast, with offices in Austin, TX and Montevideo, Uruguay.

We make it easy for anyone to sell or trade their car.

It’s Easy to Sell or Trade Your Car

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