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Your Vehicles App Demo iOS
Your Vehicles App Demo iOS

What is The Appraisal Lane?

The Appraisal Lane is a third-party vehicle appraisal service. Unlike other appraisal tools, we back all of our figures with an offer to buy. Find us where you download all of your apps.

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Real People

Our team of expert appraisers is standing by to give you the real value of your unique vehicle. Our intelligence is never artificial, and we think you’ll appreciate the difference.

Real Offer

Take our appraisal to one of our partner dealerships to redeem for trade-in value or cash. No ranges. No estimates. No guesswork.

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Real Simple

Selling your car couldn’t be any simpler. Use our mobile app and we’ll get you an offer on your vehicle within 30 minutes.

Our Simple Process

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Redeem Your Offer for Trade-in or Cash

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